About Us

Watered Gardens is the result of a vision from God planted in the hearts of Christians. It began from within homes as a simple neighborhood outreach. As the awareness of God’s compassion grew, so did the need for helping the increasing number of people. God has since supplied a facility from which to operate and the necessary participation of His people…the Church.

The Beginning

In the Spring of 2000, before Watered Gardens had come to be, we did a survey in an economically depressed area of Joplin. From house to house we went supplying a quick and easy circle-your-answer questionnaire that asked of people’s greatest needs. Sure, there were a lot of answers that dealt with furnishings, appliances and the like, but there were also a lot of responses like counseling, car repair, companionship, financial advisement, etc.

We believe God blesses His people so they can give to those without. Much of that blessing is far more important than any material item you might donate to Watered Gardens. We should also be using what God has taught us, the wisdom we’ve gained, the experience of living Kingdom life and the skills with which He has endowed us to help those in need.

A Community Effort

Now, Watered Gardens offers a variety of services and basic items to many families, all provided through the charity of our Christian community. This ministry is multi-denominational and literally thousands of services and items have been provided to meet the needs of individuals throughout our community.