Garden Expansion

Garden Expansion Completed – November 2013

Thanks to all your amazing donations, we raised the entire $554,000 budget. The expansion is now complete and functioning. Check out the Dedication Day post to find out more.

Update – April 2012

Thanks to the amazing support of many of you, we’ve nearly reached our initial goal. With the immediate need so close to being met, we’ve decided to move ahead and work toward meeting our next big goal. The initial need, $292,000.00 will allow us to get the structure built and completely enclosed, but it will not allow for any finishing work to be done inside. In order for the building to be usable, we need to raise an additional $262,000.00. This money will allow us to complete work on the bottom floor, including restrooms, showers, the new kitchen, the shelter room, the new garage for furniture and appliances, dining room, and the Worth Shop work area. Completion of this project will allow us to offer a number of new services and to improve much of what we currently offer. Join with us to take the Garden to a new level and make an even greater difference for our community.

The Plan – March 2012

We have an incredible opportunity and we need your help. A number of groups are willing to provide labor to expand our current facility by more than 7,000 sq ft. The first group, “Truss and Obey,” from Oklahoma builds a church somewhere in the U.S. each year and has chosen Watered Gardens for their 2012 project. They will provide about $20,000 in labor to put up the shell of the new building. We call for your support prayerfully and financially. With $45,000 in pledges and $25,000 reserved, we are already well on our way. But to have the prep work complete and supplies on hand, we need to raise an additional $188,000 before the end of May. Please read how the new expansion will be used and then pray that God provides for what we believe to be His will. Thank you!



As you know, we have progressed over the last year to offer 30 beds as emergency shelter for men. However, at times, we have been at capacity with a waiting list frequently and at times we have encountered families and women who need immediate shelter relief.  I remember talking with a couple of homeless ladies just last winter as they camped under a stack of pallets behind some woods.  How concerning!  This area of the new addition would offer space for six bunk beds to help meet more shelter need.


We believe every single person has been designed by God with capacity, ability and creativity. Although a great many of the poor have never been so told, they are not excluded from this truth. Watered Gardens’ Worth-Shop communicates this through encouragement, opportunity and challenge, offering the poor a way to earn what they need by crafting goods that go to market. This section of the addition will be used for production.

 Furniture/Appliance Bank

Watered Gardens has served the Joplin area as the primary furniture and appliance bank for people in need. On average, we will supply about 1000 pieces including beds, dressers, stoves, etc. annually. This need is expected to increase as a wave of FEMA mobile home residents move from their furnished units to new unfurnished residences. This new section will nearly double and adjoin our current garage space to help meet the need.


Believe it or not, a little more than 2.5 million dollars was distributed in food stamps to Jasper County in only the first month of this year. We are working on the legislative end to help see this responsibility shift from the government to the community and its churches where greater accountability will be exercised, relationships developed and resource stewarded more effectively. However, we must be able to “flex some muscle” when it comes to feeding. This new addition will increase our kitchen size including a walk-in cooler/freezer and will increase capacity to feed and prepare food baskets.

Again, I urge you to remember the mission in your daily prayers through June! And, please consider a tax-deductible special contribution marked Garden Expansion 2012. I welcome you to view our website or to call me for more information.