Jon – November 2015

​Jon, former guest in bed #12 and now a Forge student!

​This year we’ve been talking a lot about justice. That word today elicits emotion, opinion and sometimes just a question mark. I love how Ken Wytsma puts it in his book Pursuing Justice: “Truth is what is. Justice is what ought to be.” Jonathon knows injustice. It was never meant to be that he would suffer physical abuse, sexual abuse and be witness to a murder all by the time he was 11 years old. That injustice had an effect. Here’s a bit of what he shared.

“Up to being 11 years old all I experienced were just really negative things – The beatings, disappointment, death. I just totally lost all control. I heard a lot of good things about Watered Gardens. I wanted to be around a Christian environment. I wanted to be somewhere where I knew I could be safe. This is one program that offered me that and kept me off the street. I started to feel a change within myself…to be able to forgive…to find this thing called love.”