More Summer Projects Completed!


Kathy needed her yard mowed throughout the summer and fall months.  Thanks to a young man at Joplin Family Worship who blessed her by taking on this project!



Joy was in need of house and lawn care.   Praise God for the Monett United Methodist Youth Group who came to Joplin on a mission trip and was able to help at Watered Gardens and meet this need for Joy also!


Peggy had a dishwasher that needed repair.  Thanks to a brother at Southside Community Church of God for helping out with this need.


Robert and Loretta were in need of transportation to a doctor appointment.  Praise God for a sister from Granby Church of God who was willing to bless them.


Melissa had a need for repair on her porch, steps and handrails.  Thank you to a brother from Fairview Christian Church who took the opportunity to meet the much appreciated need.


Geri had a need for roof repair.  Praise God for a brother from Central Christian Center who took on this project for Geri.


Nancy was moving to another home and need help moving her personal belongings.  A big Thank You to a brother from Christ’s Church of Oronogo for meeting this need.


Melody was in need of transportation to an appointment.  Praise God for a sister from Joplin Family Worship who provided for this need.


Michael needed his yard mowed as it had grown too tall.   Thanks to a brother from Carterville Christian Church who invested time in completing this for Michael.