Completed Neighbor Connect Cases


Mark, a disabled 31 year old, needs his lawn mowed.  A Watered Gardens volunteer since 2010 from Carterville Christian Church gladly provided the needed service.

Alex, a 68 year old disabled veteran needs his yard mowed.   Thanks to a brother from Christ’s Church of Oronogo, Alex has had his lawn mowed all season. 

Celeta, an elderly lady needs her lawn mowed.  Her grass is almost 2 feet tall.  A volunteer from Freedom Worship Center was able to meet the need.  Thanks for serving others.

Patricia, a 74 year old disabled woman from Carterville, is in need of lawn care this week. A dedicated volunteer from Wildwood Baptist Church, who has gladly helped in the past, assisted Patricia getting her lawn mowed.  Later that month, a brother from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church mowed Patricia’s yard. 

Velma, a 79 year old from Joplin, called to ask for assistance in getting her yard mowed.  A Life Group from Destiny Church blessed Velma with a nice manicured yard. 

Mary, a disabled 61 year old, called with the need of getting her lawn mowed.  A Christ’s Church of Oronogo member, mowed Mary’s yard. 


Tiffany, 25 yr old mom of four children, needed a tire replaced on her car and was blessed by members from St. Paul’s United Methodist Church.

Angela, a 40 year old single mom, has need of having the front end of her car aligned since she has just replaced two tires.  A local tire company without hesitation provided the service for her.

Susan is requesting help with her 2009 Traverse that needs brake pads installed.  A faithful volunteer for Watered Gardens from Southside Community Church of God, who has consistently provided assistance, installed them for her. 

Desiree, a single Mom called to request assistance getting her windshield repaired.  One of our in- house volunteers heard of the need and filled it gladly.  We are so blessed to have our in-house volunteers with willing hearts to serve.   

Thelma, a resident of Webb City, who is a disabled 48 year old, needs the coolant flushed in her car.  We have many mechanics locally who gladly assist those in need with their car repairs.  Thanks to our dedicated volunteers. 

Angela, a young single Mom, no longer has brakes on her car and needs someone to fix the rear wheel cylinder and replace the brake fluid that has leaked out.  A dedicated volunteer contacted Angela and took care of the repair on her car.  

David, a 56 year old, who lost his home in the tornado, needs assistance in getting the spark plugs changed on his car.  He no longer has the tools to do this as they were lost when the tornado took his home.    A dedicated volunteer from Christ’s Church of Oronogo helped David get his car repaired.


Tilda, a 65 year old disabled lady has a large water leak under trailer.  The water company has replaced her meter and valve, but are not able to fix her leak.  A Forest Park Baptist Church brother went out to assess the need and repaired the leak for her.  

Michael, a disabled 46 year old, has a ramp that needs to be installed on him home for his electric scooter.   A brother in Christ from Fairview Christian Church installed the ramp within 2 weeks of his request.

Norma, a 98 year old Joplin resident, has need of her garage repaired.  A brother in the Lord gladly helped Norma assisting her with her repair. 

Donna, a 68 year old, called to ask for help in fixing her window that is leaking.  The very next day a dedicated volunteer got her window caulked for her.  We are so thankful for our volunteers who selfishly give of their time.  

Norma, a 98 year old lady in Joplin, (still living by herself) has some rotting on the boards of her back porch and asking for assistance of getting it repaired.  A men’s group from Fairview Christian Church replaced the rotting boards and painted it for her.  Norma was thrilled and enjoyed having someone to visit with. The Fairview volunteers also took care of replacing a faucet for a neighbor right up the street from Norma. 

Patricia, a disabled 75 year old, has needs of several repairs to her trailer:  including open spaces below her windows, leak in the roof where it was added onto, a creaky bathroom floor.  A group of volunteers from Wildwood Baptist church is helping Patricia with the repairs on her home.

Belinda, a single Mom of two girls, needs assistance with her washer.  Hopefully, it is just the belt and it can be repaired quickly.  A gentleman from Christ’s Church of Oronogo repaired the washer.

James, a disabled 50 year old, needs a ramp built on his trailer for his mother-in-law who lives with them.  A group of volunteers from Tennessee completed this project for James and he was so grateful.  Thanks to Macedonia Baptist Church in Kenton, Tennessee who traveled so far to aid those in need.

Tilda, a 65 year old lady, called needing the skirting put back on both ends of her trailer.  David, a dedicated volunteer from Christ’s Church of Oronogo, went out and put back the skirting.  Thanks David for your consistent willingness to serve those in need.


Marsha is in need of assistance in getting her china cabinet and table moved to her new home.  Our in- house Watered Gardens volunteers that assist many moving furniture gladly helped Marsha.

Barbara, a 55 year old, has been provided a new residence and needs assistance moving furniture that Lafayette House has provided.   Our own Watered Gardens volunteers will assist Barbara in moving the furniture for her new home.

Bill called needing help to move his 80 year old Mother to a new residence.  She is moving into the same apartment building as Bill, so she would be closer for him to take care of.  Jason and some friends gladly helped Lou get moved into her new apartment.


Clifford, a 90 years old veteran, lost his home and belongings because of a gambling debt.  He has received a federal injunction and needs advice on how to proceed with it.  A Joplin accounting firm agreed to look over his papers and advise how he needed to proceed.


Jennifer, a disabled 44 year old, needs a ride to her Doctor’s appointment.  A couple gladly assisted her by providing transportation.

Shannon needs a ride to Springfield to appear in Court.  A volunteer, who has helped others with transportation and running errands for 6 years, gave Shannon a ride. 

Quinton needs a ride to and from Watered Gardens to do community service.  A gentleman from Granby First Church of God gave Quinton rides to finish his community service. 

Rosario and Cassandra need transportation to Carthage for a marriage license.  One of our in-house volunteers from Saginaw provided them with a ride. 

Lee Ann, a 32 year old single Mom, called needing a ride to the court house in Neosho.  Lori, a volunteer for many years from Christ’s  Community United Methodist Church , willingly took Lee Ann.  Thanks again Lori!


Megan is looking for extra help in cleaning her home.  She is expecting and experiencing a high risk pregnancy.  A lady from First Baptist Church of Cherokee assisted Megan in her need.  We see that our volunteers are from many areas of the four state region.