September 2018-Rosie

At our devotion time this morning, a 58-year-old man who’s known little more than a life on the streets and a needle in his arm stood at the front of our dining hall and addressed about 40 volunteers and staff. He started in Psalm 116, “I love the Lord, because he heard my appeal for mercy.” He went on to share his heart for God after being rescued from his addiction. Watered Gardens is a common place you’ll hear that cry for mercy. How grateful we are that He listens! Rosie sure is.


“After struggling to find work, I was able to get an in-home healthcare job, but then our car gave out. Our family, including our children ages three and five, had to walk everywhere. Some days my job required me to walk from the hospital where I work to 7th Street and back home. My employer tried to help, but it was hard to work enough hours. With school coming up, I worried about my children. 


Then Watered Gardens reached out to me. They knew of my situation, and when a car was donated, they wanted to bless me with it. Now I partner with them weekly in place of a loan. It’s truly been a hand up, in partnership, that has given our family a new start in getting our lives back on track.”


Donations come to the mission in many forms. Regardless of the type, we trust God will use them to reveal His mercy and kindness in ways that both encourage and empower people. I count your support as an extension of that mercy and kindness. You should, too. Thank you!

tom photo