Barb - August 2018

Our purpose is to serve the Church in its mission to help the poor. And we have a strategy to fulfill it. We not only offer training and tools for local churches, but a work space designed for volunteers to engage those struggling, many who have histories of addiction, abuse or chronic poverty. That effort to fulfill our purpose resulted in more than 8000 volunteer shifts filled at the mission in the last year. Every month, I send you a story of how a life was impacted by those volunteers. But it’s not a one-way street. Our volunteers are impacted, too. Here’s Barb.

“Back in 2001, a friend insisted that we go serve at Watered Gardens. ‘Barb, you have to go with me,’ she said over and over. I finally went and I loved it.

I was a teacher then and my experience at Watered Gardens has a similarity to my teaching experience: like a student who lights up upon learning a math problem, the people at the mission light up when they’re told they’re loved, that they have worth. That part has kept me coming back.”

Barb is describing hope. Many who come through our doors have never been encouraged and cared for in a way that sparks hope for a better future. But because of Barb’s care and encouragement, people “light up” around her, hopeful for a new start.

Your support is helping us bring a lot of folks like Barb in touch with a lot of others who need just what she’s got. Thank you!