Chip - September 2019

In the late 1890’s, the Indiana Bulletin for Charities and Corrections posted in one of its periodicals, “Intelligent giving and intelligent withholding are alike true charity.” They realized having a heart for the poor wasn’t enough. We need a mind for the poor, too. To successfully empower people, our compassion must take us beyond mere handouts to practice that “intelligent” charity. Journey Church figured it out and we’re blessed to have been a part of their journey.

“We’ve always worked to be a church that gets outside the four walls of the building, and as a result, we’ve gotten a lot of calls from folks needing assistance. Unfortunately, our approach was one that enabled people. We were just giving handouts time after time!

Thanks in large part to the education and advisement we’ve received from the True Charity Initiative, our “2 in 5” model of ministry now emphasizes empowerment. The “2 in 5” (reaching as many families we can within a 2-mile radius over a 5-year period) allows the church to come alongside those that need assistance and really get down to the root of the issue. We offer several classes/services to address those issues and to help them reach their independence…

The True Charity Initiative has been instrumental in helping us to lay down a solid base for our ministry here at Journey Church.”

Thank you for your continued support. It helped us advance compassionate and intelligent charity. To learn more about our True Charity Initiative visit or visit our online learning modules at