Chris – October 2016

Chris, former Forge student

Yesterday, I was studying Luke 12 with a group of students in our long term Forge program. In verse 35, Jesus instructs, “Be ready for service.” Some versions read, “Let your loins be girded about.” Before action, a person would tie up the ends of his robe around his waist to avoid getting them tangled or caught. Loose ends are dangerous and can give the enemy of our souls a hold of just enough to drag us into his pit. Tying up loose ends is important. We discussed four of them common to all of us; guilt, fear, selfishness and resentment. Chris admits the last of those, deep resentment, was the loose end that got him caught and dragged to very a dark place.

“Two years ago, my wife left me for a co-worker. I went into a downward spiral. I got back into meth. I lost my home, car, everything.

Seeing the way everybody here truly cares impacted me. One night, I called Gregg (Watered Gardens Project Worth Director) and told him that I didn’t want to die. I got a bed here and got into the Forge program. God has made me realize that I need to depend on Him. If I don’t, I fail others around me. If I rely on Him, all things are possible. Now, it’s time to live for Him.”