Genet - June 2015

Genet, former guest in bed #37

Every morning before the doors open to Watered Gardens, the staff and volunteers pray. Every evening before the doors open for the overnight shelter, the staff and volunteers pray. Before every chapel service, class and meals, everyone present prays. We don’t pray because we want people to know they’re cared about; we pray because we believe God is able to transform life. In Luke 7, Jesus marveled at the centurion’s faith for his servant to be healed. Some versions read Jesus was “amazed” at his faith. We ask you to pray for the mission, for the staff and volunteers, for those who will walk in our doors today. Your fervent, faith-filled prayer will couple with the hands and feet at the Garden to love and reach many more like Genet. Here are a few of her words:

“In less than 2 hours, I found myself without shelter. I didn’t know where to go and a friend from N.A. referred me to Watered Gardens. Prayer at the mission has helped me in a lot of ways and Watered Gardens helped me to be more patient with others. Houston (shelter director) listened to me and helped me learn how to show others grace. I stayed at Watered Gardens for eight weeks. Now, I have my own apartment and a job. My dream is to continue to stay clean from drugs, work my job, pay my bills and buy a car. And I want to volunteer, too.”​