Keith – August 2016

Keith, a student in our Forge program.

Almost 10 years ago, Angela met Jesus and we baptized her in the creek. Her drug-addicted life came to an end and she was regenerated by faith in Christ. Her son, Keithwas a struggling teen at the time who needed a miracle in his own life. While Angela began a long season of volunteering at the mission and growing in her new faith, her son spiraled downward dealing drugs and running from the law. After being shot in the face and then thrown in jail, Keith came to his end. He called our director from jail asking if he could join. He’s now committed to our new long-term program, Forge Center for Virtue and Work. This 6 month intensive program starts with classes including 7 Steps to Christian Maturity, Government and Legal Living, Stewardship and Economics, Healthy Living and Community Engagement. Physical wellness and GED prep are also a part of the first quarter of work. The last three months are work readiness including a month long work-ready clinic.

Here are a few of his own words:

“Being in the Forge program is surreal. It’s amazing to grow spiritually with other guys who want to change their lives, too. The program has helped me be more of a man of resolution, a man of integrity. I didn’t think I could get to where I’m at now but God helped me.

I made the decision to get baptized in jail but I also promised that I wouldn’t do it until I was completely done with my old life. Once I got here and in the program, I realized that I was done for good. I have no choice but to keep moving forward.”

A decade later, Keith has joined his mother in new life through Christ. We even baptized him in the same creek.