Larry – October 2017

You probably remember the story of Balaam. He was the prophet who beat his donkey three times attempting to drive it past an angel who blocked his path. Balaam had been bribed by a Moabite king to curse God’s people. The size of the payoff enticed Balaam to travel with the king’s entourage to Moab where he looked out on the people of Israel who God had just freed from 400 years of slavery. They were blessed, regardless of the enemy’s plans. Nehemiah 13 recalls the story. Although Balaam had traveled far to curse them, “…our God turned the curse into a blessing.” Only God can do that and guys like Larry can personally testify He’s still doing the same today.

“In April, after losing my job and my friend, I also lost my house. So, I came to Watered Gardens for help. The mission has given me a bed to sleep in each night, a chance to earn that bed by working in the WorthShop, and the encouragement to get back on my feet.

The biggest help I’ve received, though, has been spiritual. Here, being surrounded by so many believers, I feel spiritually stronger. I’m letting go of bad habits, I’m studying my Bible, I’m working full-time, I’m back in church, and I’m about to get into my own place. I’m excited to also start looking for ways to be as helpful to other people as God’s people have been to me during my time at this mission.”

Larry, like so many we meet, has lived through incredible hardship that many would describe as a curse. I’m thankful God is still in the business of turning cursing into blessing. Thank you for partnering in the miracle of that transformation.