Machelle – March 2016

Machelle, former resident in bed #32

​I was at our state capitol the last couple of days sharing the importance of exercising true charity within local community instead of distributing various forms of welfare. The chaos of bureaucracy still fresh on my mind, my wife began to share with me a little about Machelle. They sat in our Worth-Shop not long ago while Machelle shared some of her life and Marsha simply listened. She listened to the tragedy of the loss of her son, the heart ache that never healed and the substance abuse she struggled with. Marsha was also with her as she celebrated new life in Christ at one of our Upper Room services. What a contrast to the bureaucracy of government and its inability to exercise the true charity we offer at the mission. Machelle’s life was changed because of something government can never show, real compassion. Machelle says it well:

“I was living in a life of sin and drugs and being around others that only took me down. I came here and found peace, love, and forgiveness. Everyone I’ve met here has been loving, caring. Marsha held my hand the first time to the cross, to welcome me home! Watered Gardens is a place you can find true friendship. I’m getting a new place right down the street from here and I dream that I could one day come back just to share my time here helping others.”