Michael – October 2015

Michael, former guest in bed #5

​My wife and I watched the new flick The Martian a few days ago. If you haven’t seen it, I can at least share that it’s not about a Martian. It’s about an earthling who got stuck on Mars. I think it’s also safe for me to share that the whole plot is based on the attempt to retrieve this one astronaut whose time is running out. The whole world gets in on this! Contractors, space agencies, foreign governments aren’t the only ones with an interest. Cities across the globe tune in, cheering the efforts to save this one man. I couldn’t help but think of the one at the mission. Well, there are many of them actually. And many of them feel just like that one Martian; lost, alone and running out of time. Michael knows the feeling well.

“This is the only time I’ve ever been homeless. My marriage failed and I fell apart. Watered Gardens has helped me so much. Mainly, it put me back in contact with the Lord.”

Concerning one of our staff, Michael said,

“She doesn’t know it, but I believe she saved my life when she took me from the back of the mission [behind the building] and set me back on the right path. Now, things are looking quite promising. I am working in a job I enjoy with like-minded Christian people. I am truly blessed!”