Mrs. Cox - March 2018

Before the story of the Good Samaritan, a lawyer asked Jesus “Who is my neighbor?” I’ve always suspected he was hoping for a response like, “The guy who lives next door to you.” I can imagine the lawyer grinning arrogantly, nodding his head in agreement feeling justified in his goodness of loaning a tool to the guy last month. Far from it, Jesus draws the picture of a neighbor as someone who not only doesn’t know the person in need, but they’re miles apart culturally. The Church is intended to have its own Kingdom culture but the kindness of God expressed through the Church should reach every culture. Mrs. Cox is certainly thankful it reached her.

I have lived independently for a long time. My husband had passed away a few years ago, but I’d tried to keep up with the house still. The neighbors would always say, “That Mrs. Cox keeps a clean lawn.” Then last year, between knee surgery and being diagnosed with congenital heart failure, I was losing my ability to move and I started to run out of money.

When I called Watered Gardens and explained my situation, their Neighbor Connect coordinator, Casie, was wonderful. She found people who help me maintain the house, especially the lawn, and on Saturdays, they bring me a meal, too. One of the women who delivers them has become a friend I talk with whenever I can.

With monthly heart treatments and my continuing recovery from my knee surgery, I’ll need help for a while. Neighbor Connect makes it possible to heal without worrying. Thank you.

Through our Neighbor-Connect program, we connect one neighbor’s need to another neighbor’s skill. Your support not only helps us connect a church to one individual in need, but also to meet nearly 2000 other needs, as well. I am grateful for you.

Take a look at and sign up or make a special donation to this vitally important program. Join us in good neighboring!