Paul and Brenda – June 2017

The Apostle writes to the Ephesians about God’s heart for solidarity between the Jews and Gentiles, “He Himself is our peace who made both groups into one and broke down the barrier of the dividing wall.” What a brazen statement in that day! The bold truth that God wants us to live as good neighbors in community together hasn’t changed. How do we break down the “Us and them” wall that divides those who have from those who don’t? Join them. It’s what our overnight volunteer, Paul, is doing.

“About 6 months ago my wife dropped me off at the Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission. Oh, no, she wasn’t mad at me. I had decided to volunteer so I could help people in need. I began seeing things I had never imagined. I started interacting with the residents; I wanted to get to know them. Surprisingly it was like looking into a mirror. The difference between us was a little bad luck, or a few bad decisions. More often than not I had been in the same situations and just had a more fortunate outcome. I volunteered so I could help people in need. I just didn’t realize that it was me who needed to be broken and remolded.”

Paul is one of many who have discovered this biblical truth: It’s more blessed to give than receive. He is one in a fleet of volunteers who fill more than 700 shifts at the mission every month.