Rory – September 2017

Not long ago, I met a young man at the front of our mission who was visibly upset. I learned quickly the piece of paper he waved around was his paycheck stub. It was the first one from a new job. “Look at how much they took out!” he exclaimed. It wasn’t just the state withholdings that shocked him but more so the child support. When I encouraged him toward responsible fatherhood, his embittered response shocked me. “Someone should have told me before I ever had kids.” “Who should have done that?” I asked. “The government!” he responded. It’s far too often that I meet people who’ve opted for state-control instead of self-control. What an uphill battle we fight! And how thankful I am for wins along the way. Rory is one.

“I was living on the streets, just surviving from day to day. It was a cold morning and I was at Watered Gardens to get a cup of coffee. I saw my friend, Brett, who was new to the Forge Program. There was a light in his eyes and he shared how he had been renewed by giving his life to the Lord. The Forge Program was changing his life. I knew it was what I needed to do.

“Watered Gardens has helped me greatly by being held accountable and helping me realize I need Jesus in my life. The Forge Program is forward focused and it has repaired me spiritually. My dream now is to walk with God, find full time employment again and be self-sufficient.”

Less than a year ago, Rory was an alcoholic wandering the streets. Today, he’s a student in our program reconnected to his children with a renewed sense of responsibility as a father.