Shane - April 2018

In 2nd Samuel, we read the story of David’s most notable sin. He has an affair with the wife of one of his soldiers. In verse 2, David “got up from his bed and strolled around on the roof of the palace” and from there, he saw her. If you know the story well, you’ll recall that David wasn’t where he was supposed to be during that season. He was off purpose. There’s a lesson in this for all of us. When we’re “off purpose,” we’re much more inclined to be wandering or “strolling around” where we shouldn’t be, much more susceptible to moral failure. Shane’s a veteran and for too long after his service, he likewise wandered without purpose.

“I’d been an alcoholic for a long time. My wife left me. My house foreclosed. Then I maxed out credit cards. I needed help.”

It was then, at the lowest point of Shane’s life, that he walked through the doors of Watered Gardens. He couldn’t have known it was the best decision he’d ever make.

“I’ve maintained sobriety for ninety days, and with the help of the mission, I now have a job again, too. As I leave the mission, I’m hoping to not just to get back out there but get to a much better place than I was.”

As soon as Shane walked through our doors, he was encouraged to apply himself in our Worth-Shop. Every morning, he was assigned responsibility in our recycling work. He learned he had purpose at the mission. That purpose contributed to his successful sobriety and current gainful employment.