Tamara – August 2017

Our morning devotion at the mission yesterday dealt with willingness to sacrifice. As we launched into prayer that morning, everyone was reminded about the importance of an extra mile. As I bowed my head, I realized I was surrounded by a group of people who’ve made the jump from willingness to commitment. Willingness alone can never yield sacrifice unless it transitions to commitment. Your commitment and that of our staff and volunteers makes a difference in lives every day. It sure is making a difference in Tamara’s.

“This last year, I relapsed on meth and I was getting abused by my husband. I ended up stabbing him in self-defense. I faced charges but they were dismissed but in the process, I lost my home and my daughter. I went through treatment and after I finished, I came straight here. I’ve been clean for 8 months and Watered Gardens has helped me in that process by bringing me closer to God and connecting me to resources. Ricardo has been a blessing because he’s helped me set and keep goals. This last year I felt like I accomplished nothing but now I can see myself making small steps and achieving things. I’m starting to develop a one on one relationship with Christ. I’ve never been homeless and it’s making me learn to rely on Him. My faith is growing every day and I’m hopeful to get a home soon and get my family back together.”