Tanya – May 2016

Tanya, former resident in bed #31

I was taught a lesson in caregiving recently after visiting my ailing grandmother who is now living with and being cared for by her daughter. After my short visit, I realized that my aunt’s caregiving is an extension of her own life. More literally, it’s a gift of life given in the package of time and effort. This gift is given with no possibility of retrieval. It’s time gone, released, given to another. That extension is extending another’s life. That gift is giving life. Real care-givers are life-givers and Jesus was the model. It’s my joy to work alongside a team and hundreds of volunteers who emulate Him, releasing their lives to give life to others. Tanya is thankful. These are her words:

“On February 13, 2015, the most difficult season of my life started with my dad passing away. Then my mom moved. A few months later, my kids were taken away. In late December, my boyfriend of three years kicked me out.

Watered Gardens provided me a wonderful new family and a great support system. I got off drugs and alcohol and have developed a much closer relationship with God.

My dream is to get my own place, become self-sufficient, and to get my kids back into my home. I also want to write children’s story books and lead a women’s ministry. I’m job searching and bettering myself!”