Theresa – July 2016

Theresa, our guest in bed #39

After Theresa’s dad passed away, she began caring for her mother. She did that for the last 5 years until her mother passed, too. As if the loss wasn’t enough, she was evicted and ended up living in her car. She felt hopeless. But when she came to Watered Gardens, things began to change. She voluntarily enrolled in our “Opportunity Knocks” work-ready course and is now learning about her importance and the value of what she can contribute to an employer.

“I didn’t get the job I wanted after going through some interviews, so I’m taking these classes to learn some economics and the business side of things. I’m hoping to better myself and do an interview to get the job that I need to get out on my own. Since being here, I’m reading the Bible and going to church and trying to understand what it is all about. I’m doing Bible studies and trying to learn more each day. Before, my faith was nonexistent.”