Preaching and Teaching

The following are offered at The Garden each week.

Meeting Name Day(s) Time(s)
Worship Wednesday 7:00 pm
Service and a Meal Friday Noon
Service and a Meal Sunday 8:00 am



The Willard Learning Center is available to the community for the above
mentioned classes.

Excerpts from speakers at The Garden

R. L. Beasley

Richard Morris, Southside Apostolic Faith

Len Clevenger

Greg Spink, Mt. Hope Church of Christ

Don Speck

Mark Stevens

Judy Swarens, Volunteer

RL Beasely, Evangelist and founder of The Beacon

Quick and the Dead, Kansas City

Doug Wilkerson, Central Christian Center

Laurie Tandy, Servant-Leader Watered Gardens

Greg Spink, Pastor of Mt. Hope Church of Christ

Howie Nunnelly, Pastor Impact Life Church

Richard Morris, Pastor of Southside Apostolic Faith Trinity

Daniel Saunders, Pastor of Gateway Church

Don Speck, Evangelist

Damien Spikereit, professor of teaching/preaching