November 2017 – Jeff

In his book Coming Apart, political scientist Charles Murray examines the growing divergence between the rich and poor in America today. His research correlates chronic poverty with unhealthy relationships, deterrents to work, lack of faith and character issues. My experience over nearly two decades supports his findings. So how do we close the gap? By building real relationships, preparing people for work, and pointing to Christ and His character as the model. That’s exactly what we do at the mission. Is America coming apart? Maybe. But for ones like Jeff who are committed to uphold virtue and work, it’s all coming together.

“I found myself a resident at Watered Gardens after I lost my mom. During my stay as a shelter resident, the mission helped me tremendously. They didn’t just give me a bed for the night but they showed me my self-worth. Hard work taught me the worth I have to offer our community. All of the staff at the mission have really influenced me in growing in the Lord and helping me understand who I am in Christ and what we are called to do. I’m also learning to budget my new income and to be responsible with my money. My plans for the future after I graduate are to stay connected with God and the people I’ve met at my home church. One day, I hope to work at the mission.”