Featured Testimony

“…you will be called Repairer of the Broken Walls, restorer of Streets with Dwellings.”
Isaiah 58:12

We call it the rescue team; church teams who go out two by two and visit those we’ve ministered to at Watered Gardens. This is the story of a rescue team from Journey Church and a divine appointment with “Steve”.

Steve’s life had been riddled with drugs, rehab, prison, and despair. It wasn’t long after he answered the knock at his door that the team learned Steve was planning on racing his truck into a tree in an attempt to end his life that very night. The team shared the love and hope found in the Gospel of Jesus and visited with him for quite a while encouraging him and praying with him. A few days later, Steve showed up at church, came forward to the altar, fell on his knees, and cried out to God for salvation. He’s attended regularly since and is actively part of his new church family.

Today, because of one visit to one house, a man’s life is saved in more than one way! Thanks to all of our rescue teams, this story isn’t an isolated example. It’s just one of many such stories we’ve experienced at The Garden.

To find out more about our rescue teams, contact us today or call The Garden at 417-623-6030 and ask for Don Engie, Care Coordinator at ext. 115.

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