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Austin and Lucas - September 2020

Last month, I shared our belief that the Church should be the primary institution fighting poverty and that our purpose has always been to serve our local churches to that end. We do it through education, training, and providing a ministry for Christian volunteers to share their faith and serve in tangible and impactful ways. Feedback regarding how well we serve is important. Here’s an encouraging report from one local pastor.

“Two young men showed up at the church where I pastor, Joplin Family Worship Center. Austin (18) and Lucas (19) had been dropped off in Joplin with no identification and only the clothes on their backs.

Watered Gardens was my go-to call. I knew if beds weren’t available, they’d figure out some other way to help. Lucas and Austin were able to stay at the Outreach Center for 4 nights, where they were able to be fed and have a place to sleep. I was able to connect Austin with his adoptive mom. They reconciled and she bought both of them bus tickets back to Houston where they now live and work.

Many tend to think [only] of the shelter portion of Watered Gardens Ministries, but I was so impressed with how readily the staff helped these young men get lined up with new identification and job interviews had they needed to stay in Joplin. It’s a blessing to know we have this resource in our community and for our churches.”

A lot of good came out of that single week! Your continued support helps us develop partnerships incredibly important to form the right kind of “safety net” every community needs. Thank you.

James Whitford

Co-Founder and Executive Director