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Becca - September 2021

One night long ago in my teenage years, I came across a train wreck. Literally someone in a vehicle failed to make it over the tracks before being side-struck by a train. I remember the smoke from the crushed car and the sound of the train screeching to a halt. No less memorable was the feeling of powerlessness. I simply didn’t know what to do.

We meet people whose lives are also in peril – train wrecks in a way – and often, they too, simply don’t know what to do. Becca was one of those and she shared with us that she has felt powerless through much of her life growing up without her parents and in a household affected by addiction and then recently when her husband went to prison leaving her to raise three children. But with no high school education and no driver’s license, it was only a matter of time before she met that moment where the streets seemed to be the only option. Thankfully, she called Washington Family Hope Center.

Once she and her kids checked in to the shelter, she testified how we helped her get out of emergency mode and concentrate, instead, on pursuing goals that will give her family hope for a better future.

“It’s been such a blessing seeing my kids flourish here. Having a place that’s stable and being surrounded by positive people who love God and encourage us has made a world of difference. It’s allowed my family to get out of emergency mode and pursue goals that will help us in the long run.”

Sometimes, life may seem like a train wreck, and we may not know what to do, but God certainly does. I am so thankful He has provided a place for moms like Becca and her children and I’m thankful for your support that helped make it possible. Please remain partnered with us as we consider expanding these vital services for other precious families.

James Whitford,

Co-Founder and Executive Director