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Butch - February 2021

In Acts chapter 17, we read of a story when a “fierce wind called a northeaster rushed down” on the ship carrying the apostle Paul to Rome. In a moment, for him, the other prisoners, the soldiers and the crew, everything changed. No one these days is far-removed from the sentiment, “Everything changed.” Those are words you’ll read in Butch’s testimony below. Thankfully, God not only saved Paul and his companions when their ship sank, but even delivered Paul to his final destination. Butch can relate. His life was shipwrecked, but God has delivered him from it all.

“When I was rear-ended in a car accident in 2014, everything changed. It left me with a broken neck and muscle tissue torn from my spine. It was 33 weeks before I could walk again, but I still wasn’t able to work. The money from my settlement ran out and I was at the end of my rope. After a mental and emotional breakdown, I was living in the park and wondering, ‘What do I need to do? How do I reinvent my life in my mid-40s?’ I kept expecting an answer all at once. Then I started to realize it was these… I call them ‘little breadcrumbs’ - blessings here and there that were gradually changing my life… like coming to Watered Gardens in October of 2020… getting a full-time job in November… and finding a place of my own last week. I should be moving in next week! I’m thankful for my sons and my sister, too. They’ve been really supportive. And I’m thankful for Watered Gardens. It’s been a place that’s helped me get refocused and get my mind right.”

I am so thankful that you’re partnering with us in bringing hope to people at the end of their rope, like Butch once was.

James Whitford

Co-Founder and Executive Director