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Forge: Where Becoming and Doing Merge

The Forge program helps struggling men to develop virtue and a strong work ethic, reshaping them into contributing members of the community.

Men progress through four phases over 16 months. With each phase, they build discipline, habits, and skills to go from being jobless and dependent to self-supporting and responsible.

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​Join Forge.

Need to reshape yourself? To break the mold of poverty and welfare dependency? This program will demand all you’ve got, but will make a new man of you—one with purpose and self-respect.

Expectations (pdf)

Application (pdf)

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​Help Forge.

If you are interested in helping our men progress through the program, we have occasional needs for meal crews, fundraiser staffing, etc., that provide an opportunity to know them better.


If you’ve got character, compassion, and time to give, we could use your help at this or one of our other Watered Gardens campuses.


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​Fund Forge.

For just $15/month, you can become a One Night Sponsor, covering the cost to house one man for one night each month.