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Forge: Where Becoming and Doing Merge

This program helps struggling men develop virtue and a strong work ethic, empowering them to be fully employed and contributing members of the community. Students progress through five phases over 13 to 15 months. With each phase, they build discipline, habits, and skills to go from being jobless and dependent to self-supporting and responsible.

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​Join Forge.

This program is not for the faint of heart. If you believe you have the courage to be forged and refined, then see the Expectations and complete the Application below.

Expectations (pdf)

Application (pdf)

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​Help Forge.

Our students need other men they can look to as mentors and role models. If you want to be part of shaping men of virtue, consider joining with us.


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​Fund Forge.

Become a One Night partner for students in the Forge, and for just $15/month you can cover one night each month of their program costs.

Want to sponsor more than one night each month? You can do that, too. Whether you give $15, $30, $45 or more each month, you can know that your sponsorship ensures that these men have all they need to become quality contributing members of our community.