Become a One Night Monthly Partner

$15 a Month Can Change a Life Forever

Every year, Watered Gardens can provide offers 21000 nights of shelter for a person in need. One bed for one night costs about $15.

That $15 is more than a bed. That $15 is a hot meal, a shower, a change of clothes, a chance to preserve dignity, an honest conversation, and an opportunity to hear the Gospel.

That makes $15 worth a lot more, and means one night could have a much longer-lasting impact. That’s why we’re asking you to help.

Please pray and consider becoming a One Night partner. By pledging $15 a month, you can secure a night of shelter—and possibly much more—to men and women in need.

And because you’ll be a monthly One Night partner, we’ll be able to update you each quarter on the lives you’ve helped to change.

“I came to Watered Gardens one night and I was accepted. They loved me and gave me family, they fed me, and they gave me a place to rest my head.” -Charles, former resident now on staff

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