Most Recent Success Stories. Way to go, Church!

Mike is 40, he is disabled.  He is needing assistance with removing all the leaves and debris from the guttering on his house.  Please consider helping Mike with this and contact us ASAP!  Praise God for a brother from St. Paul’s United Methodist church for helping Mike with this!

Pat is 57, disabled, a widow and has no family in this area.   She has four basic areas she needs help with as she will need to have her mobile home moved in the near future.  She is needing help packing up, taking down her outside storage units and reassembling them, she needs her decking and ramp taken down and reassembled, and she needs the skirting taken off the mobile home and reinstalled.   A huge Thank You to a brother from Christ’s Church Oronogo and students from Ozark Christian College for taking on this project.  Pat was very appreciative for all their hard work!

Rebel is 44, she is disabled and the mother of two children.  She was needing help with a mouse infestation in her home and clean up after treating for that.  Praise God for a brother from St. Paul’s United Methodist, ladies from Christ’s Church Oronogo and from Central Christian Center who were able to help Rebel.

Nancy is 61, she has MS, she recently moved to the area and needs help unpacking her home.  So grateful to a sister from St. Paul’s United Methodist for volunteering her time to help Nancy and bless her!

B. G. is 51, disabled, and recovering from a brain injury.  She has two needs – cleaning out a storage unit and help installing a tail light on her car.   Praise God for a brother from Joplin Family Worship and three members of Christ’s Church Oronogo for helping out B.G. with these needs!  God Bless!

Dewey is 45, father of two disabled children, he is unemployed currently.  He is needing someone to check his van to see what repair is needed.  Thank you to a brother at Christ’s Church Oronogo for giving Dewey advice on possible repair work!

Bill is 76, he is disabled, he is needing someone to give him a ride to the grocery store.  A Big Thank You to a young man from Joplin Family Worship for meeting this need for Bill.


Johnny is 52, he is disabled, just arrived in Joplin by bus and is hoping to get to the eastern part of Missouri to see a terminally ill family member asap.   If you would be able to help meet this need, please contact us ASAP!  A Big Thank you to a brother from Freedom Worship Center for meeting this need!


Bill is 76, he is disabled, he is needing a ride to an appointment to get housing.  If you would have some time to lend a hand to Bill, please let us know today.  Praise God for a couple from Christ’s Church Oronogo who provided transportation!