One Night

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One Night

Every year, Watered Gardens Gospel Rescue Mission
provides about 14,000 nights of shelter
for the homeless. One bed, one night costs about $15.

Here’s what that $15 provides:

* Shelter Bed

* Shower

* Meals

* Hygiene Items

* Set of Clothing / Shoes

* Laundry Facilities

* Partnership to Earn Needed Items

* Sharing of the Gospel

* Goal Setting

* Life Skills

* Mentoring

It’s just one night, but one that might rescue a life and it could be
the beginning of a changed life. We’re asking you to pray and provide
for one bed, one night, every month.

With your monthly pledge of $15 to secure one night of shelter
for a homeless man or woman, we believe every bed, every night can be
one of  rest, relief and the start of restoration.

One Night * Every Night 
Our 15th Year Campaign

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