Recent Success Stories!

Kathy is 53, she is disabled, she has had several health issues.  She has a 95 Ford F150 truck that needs repair.   A big thank you to a brother at Joplin Family Worship for looking over the car and finding that only the fan belt needed replacing at this time.   Praise God!


Sandy is 47, she is in need of transportation to an appointment and a follow up appointment a week later.  Praise God Southside Community Church of God was able to meet this need for Sandy!


John is 55, he has earned enough money to get into a year long recovery program. He is in need of funds to help with a bus ticket to get there so he won’t lose his reservation.  A big Thank You to Christ’s Church Oronogo and Joplin Family Worship for blessing John.


Tevis is 33, he has found part time work but not able to get a vehicle yet.  He is in need of transportation to get to an appointment.  Thank You to Ignite Church for meeting this need for Tevis.


Anna is 34, she is partially blind and currently homeless.   She is in need of a ride to see her  Dr.   Thank you to Citywide Christian Fellowship for helping Anna get to her appointment!!


Charley is 39, he is disabled and on limited income.  He has funds to purchase the front brakes for his 93 Mercury Sable but is needing help with the physical labor of changing them.  Praise God for a brother from Southside Community Church of God who met this need!